If you want to learn to read, you need a teacher;
                                        If you want to learn to see, you need a Seechr.

Seechr is a new way to learn Photography.

Photography is a language that few of us are taught. Most assume that since we can see a photograph with our eyes we will understand what we see, but this is often not the case.

We see with our eyes, but understand with our minds. In order for photographs to make sense on a deeper level, we need to be taught the components of the medium.

We define literacy in our culture as the ability to read and write a language. If someone speaks, but they cannot read or write, they are considered illiterate. Only after we are taught the mechanics of language do we know what the words on the page mean and become literate. Similarly, until we are taught the components of photography, we will only see the image, but not fully understand it.

Seechr.com is a site that will teach you how to understand photography through taking pictures. Not only will you become visually literate but you will get to know a side of yourself you didn’t know existed.

Gale Jesi is founder of Seechr.com

Jesi studied fine arts at U.C. Berkeley, earning a BA in 1990 (Phi Beta Kappa). In 1994, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from U.C. Davis. In both programs she studied fine art, critical theory, and art history.

Jesi has has had numerous solo and groups shows, nationally and internationally. In addition to being a photographer, sculptor, and curator, Jesi has taught Photography, Media and Visual Literacy for over 20 years.