A critique, in this sense, refers to informed commentary and feedback about what is seen and communicated within an image. The critique process is standard in art education across all media. While studying art, critiques are given to the student in order to assist them in becoming stronger artists. Our premise at is that the critique is a necessary part of the creative process and need not stop when formal education has ended. By helping photographers and laypeople understand the images they create, they will necessarily become more visually literate and therefore stronger photographers.

How does it work?

You send us your photograph(s) and we give you a critique. Your critique will allow you to learn more about how you are using the aesthetic elements of photography, specifically composition and form. You will also learn more about technical skills you bring to this medium, as well as the conceptual strengths or weaknesses that are conveyed through your images.

In addition, your critique may touch on your intention within the photograph. For example, why you photographed a specific image or why you are consistently drawn to similar subject matter within a series. This aspect of the critique often alludes to an inadvertent intention or sub-conscious motivation that occurs in all creative endeavors. This is a crucial part of creative growth as it brings to the forefront something unintentional that may in turn increase awareness in future photographic shoots.